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Why GoEO ?

Because every time you consume a meat or dairy product in this country, there is a 99% chance that it derives directly from a factory farm (all of which are inhumane, unhealthy and polluting).

GoEO believes that a new approach to eating - humane eating - can make a major impact on the current state of our food system to positively impact the lives of humans, farm animals and our planet.  GoEO targets the 96% of carnivores in the US in an effort to educate these consumers how to GoEO, provide them with the necessary tools to easily make the transition to humane eating and to bridge the disconnect between the consumer and the producer.  By going EO you - not the meat or dairy industry - will dictate what type of animal products you will or will not consume.  We all have the right to know exactly where our food is coming from!

The EO movement is building momentum. Awareness of the harsh realities of factory farming is increasingly entering into the public spectrum. Most people are inherently humane and do not realize how their consumption habits are in direct conflict of this ideal.  We at GoEO choose to withhold our hard-earned dollars from industrial factory farms and instead support ethical and sustainable farmers while educating our family and friends about the realities behind our food.  GoEO believes there are strength in numbers so please join us. We believe our approach can make a real difference!