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GoEO Asks! (and asks and asks....)

Going the extra mile to verify the source of our meat & dairy is crucial for ethical omnivores. This can be challenging to say the least and also a bit difficult for the more shy EO’s among us. If you’re not sure what you should be asking or to whom you should be directing your questions, here are some suggestions gathered by our staff, volunteers and other EO’s to ensure you are always getting the answers you need to make informed decisions.  Also, this is a great way to let establishments know you want to purchase only ethical products! 


  1. “What on your menu is pastured/sustainable/local/organic/grass-fed”?

  1. “Oh you don’t know? Would you mind asking the chef or the manager so I can make my choice?”

  1. “I’m so happy to see this pastured/sustainable/local/organic/grass-fed item, could you tell me from which farm/supplier it is sourced from please?”

  1. “I see your chicken/steak is from x farm, could you tell me if it is pastured/grassfed/local?”

  1. “Could you tell me a bit more about this salmon?  Is it wild/farm-raised/sustainable and where is it from?”

  1. “I see this item is in a cream sauce...could you tell me the farm/supplier of the dairy products your restaurant uses?”

  1. “Hmmm, I don’t see anything pastured/sustainable/local/organic/grass-fed on your menu…It’s a shame you don’t offer anything I can eat as I would have been happy to pay more for that and my family and I could come back here to eat more often…..At the moment we are still going to [local competitor name] because they have pastured/sustainable/local/organic/grass-fed specials and I thought you would have similar choices.”

  1. “Will you be offering any pastured/sustainable/local/organic/grass-fed options on the menu in the future?”

  1. “If this item is pastured/sustainable/local/organic/grass-fed, why don’t you list the source on your menu as well?  I’m sure people would love to see which local farm they are supporting!”

  1. “I see you have “free-range” chicken, could you confirm that it is also pastured?”

  1. “Nothing pastured/sustainable/local/organic/grass-fed at all? Have you considered adding at least one menu item for those of us who eat ethically?  We’d be happy to may more!”


  1. “Which of your meats are pastured/local/organic/grass-fed?”

  1. “Which supplier or farm do you source your meat from”? “Why is it that you source from this particular farm?”

  1. “Do you always use the same supplier, or do you regularly change?”

  1. “I see your meat is grass-fed.  Do you know if it is also grass-finished?”

  1. “Are your meats from heritage-breed animals?”

  1. “Your label says ‘locally sourced’, what do you mean by that?  What farm does your meat come from?”

  1. “If you don’t know where this chicken/pork/lamb/beef comes from, could you ask the head butcher for me to help me make my choice?”

  1. “Do you have any leaflets about your suppliers/ your meat that I could have?”

  1. “Would you consider stocking a pastured/local/organic/grass-fed option as I want to shop with you more, but can’t because you do not have any pastured/local/organic/grass-fed meats. I would be willing to pay more.”

  1. “Since I don’t see pastured/local/organic/grass-fed could you special order for me so I don’t have to shop somewhere else?”


  1. “Do you have a business card for your stall/farm?”

  1. “When you say free-range/cage-free could you please elaborate for me? How much outdoor access to the birds have?”

  1. “Do you have a website that I can look at?”

  1. “Where is your farm; is all the meat here from your single farm?”

  1. For dairy farmers: “What happens to the baby male cows?  How old do your cows usually live?  What happens when your cows can’t produce milk anymore?”

  1. “How many animals on your farm?”

  1. “Where are your animals slaughtered? How far from the farm is it?”

  1. “How do you ensure that your livestock is both transported and slaughtered to high standards? Do you always use the same slaughterhouse?”

  1. “Are you Animal Welfare Approved, have any other animal welfare certifications or belong to any organizations?”

  1. “Can the public visit your farm?”

  1. “Do you give antibiotics or hormones to your animals?”

  1. “If the animals are grass-fed are they also grass-finished”?

  1. “Are your animals heritage-breed?”

  1. “Do you make any alterations to the animals: tail docking, debeaking, dehorning, castration and if so, do you use anesthesia?”


  1. See Butcher/Deli Counter section

  1. “Where can I find in this store your pastured/local/organic/grass-fed meat and dairy?”

  1. “I’m looking for x farm’s product – do you carry it?  They are local and humane and I like them because______.  It would be great if you started carrying their products!”

Note: You have to be prepared for the fact that you won’t always get straight answers but do your best!  Also, pick your ‘targets’ carefully e.g. there’s no point discussing this with your local KFC, road-side diner or Denny’s. Local butchers/markets/shops etc tend to be more receptive because they have the power to change their stocklists and you as a local customer could be a meaningful part of their business. Finally, if you are bringing a party of considerable size to a restaurant or planning a party where you will have to buy a lot of meat, it’s worth speaking to the restaurant/butcher ahead and ask them to source something which complies with EO standards!